CRiS Total Loss Re-Registration Inspections

Striving to keep our road users and caravan owners safe AWS members are able to carry out Total Loss Re-Registration Inspections on behalf of the Central Registration & Identification Scheme (CRiS). This inspection covers both Category S and, more recently Category N insurance write off caravans.



  • Cat S (formally Cat C) Write Off – The vehicle is repairable but the costs exceed the vehicles value. Can re appear on the road.
  • Cat N (formally Cat D) Write Off – The vehicle is repairable but the repair costs are significant compared with the vehicles value including time delays to source parts. Can re appear on the road. 


For a full list of participating workshops please visit the ‘Find an Approved Workshop page of this website and selecting the radio button labelled ‘CRiS Total Loss Re-Registration Inspections’ under the ‘by work type’ options you will be presented with a full list.